Snow Day

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Snow days around here are rare! But recently we were blessed with one. Our household listened like excited little kids as the radio predicted 1 inch, and then 4 inches, and finally 8 inches of snow!

I prepared some home made soup the night before and went to bed thinking “ah it’ll never happen, it never happens here.” But… the morning of we woke up to a winter wonderland.

We ate pancakes. We bird watched. We had cat cuddles. And we lounged.

We cleaned off the car. We trudged through the lovely white powder. And we marveled at the icicles starting to form.

I often forget to grab my camera for the simple moments in life, just like I also often used to forget to enjoy those simple moments.

Our snow day was beautiful for so many reasons but the most beautiful reason of all was that I did not take it for granted.


  1. I do hope you get more snow. You made so much magic here!
    But my face is your kittie looking out of the window. Gorgeous!

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