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I’ve been stuck at an existential crossroads between the ongoing, ever more terrifying state of the world;  an internal, troubled state of mind, and my shifting stage in life.

“Right now, and for next, What is my purpose?” That biggest of big questions has circled my brain in unending loops and for so long, I’d almost begun to take my blank response for granted.

I’ve been reading around it, writing through it, and trying to make sense of and find patterns in the reading and writing on the long walks I’ve pushed myself to make regular practice through this unseasonably cold winter.

Could noticing and amplifying what is beautiful be a purpose?

Some days it feels light, trifling and entirely too simple. Then other days I wonder whether anything could possibly be more essential.

I’m not yet settled in an answer. I realize I may never be.
This feels like a first, solid thought in my right direction.

Always, keep your eyes wide open, friends,


  1. Oh Debbie, these are gorgeous! Also, both our little insect obsessions are helping us philosophize lately, it seems.

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