Throwing Shade

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Shadows are here! Of course shadows are always here, but when Spring arrives and the sun comes out, there are just more of them. 

More light means more shapes made by the absence of light: the flitting shadows playing around the room as I do my yoga stretches in the mornings; the dancing shadows cast by the leaves of our cherry tree in our hall as we leave the house for work and school; the shimmering light on the landing in the evening as the sun sets behind our neighbours’ tree. 

And all of this is merely a prelude to the summer symphony of shadows that is to come!

When dinner is often late, as I enjoy playing with the long shadows in our kitchen as I prepare food;

when lunches become transformed by the darker patterns of shade;

when selfies take on new meaning as the light throws its shade around you.

Shadows, the heralds of summer. I love them.



  1. Oh, yes! Love it! One of my favorite times of the year!

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