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Are we ever really done with a photography project or do we just pause for awhile until something fans the flame? I’ve been thinking of this lately as I feel a return to some of my old photography projects. The spark has been reignited in me and I find myself searching again through the lens. When I first began shooting street photography, I felt drawn to bus stops. They were, and continue to be, fascinating to me. So many stories unfold at bus stops; here are a few that I’ve documented over the last twelve years.

My processing has changed and evolved over the last twelve years, but I think the heart and soul are still the same. I love both color and B&W photography and process each image depending on the scene. Are there pops of color? Lines? Shadow and light? Is it a lone individual or a group? What distracts? What amplifies?

Eventually, I ventured closer to the bus stops and the series evolved.

Sometimes I photograph from above and other times I shoot from below.

It feels good to be out with my camera seeking and looking again. New bus stops to explore in our city along with the original. New people. New stories. My heart and soul remain the same behind the lens.

And forever and always….my muse. This was taken in 2011 and my only regret is not asking her name. My family and I were quickly shuffling onto a train in Chicago….and there she sat gazing out the window.

Do you have a series or a project that you’ve worked on over time? Something that you continue to evolve? I’d love to hear about it.

~ Laura

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  1. Laura,
    Please tell me this project is ongoing.
    It is absolutely stunning and I can easily see it going places. x

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