Under a Paper Sky

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I lived in San Diego for 11 years, and it’s no wonder that it was during that time I took up photography. Coming from the Las Vegas desert, Southern CA was a banquet for my water-starved eyes, with photogenic flowers, overgrown neighborhoods and things that thrive near the ocean. Creating a little photo magic from the bounty of that landscape felt easy.

Eventually I decided it was time to come back to my dry-as-a-bone hometown to be with my family and take advantage of more affordable living (I still marvel at having an adult-sized closet I don’t have to share with a roommate). That’s when my photography had to pivot to the great indoors. Because, while I feel a deep connection to the desert and its vast, muted beauty, it doesn’t always translate well to the kind of photos I like to make. 

As a classic underachiever, I have to work very hard at not succumbing to “I can’t be creative because of my environment/spouse/mood/health” kind of thinking. My negative tendencies need a good ass kicking, and with a “make art where you are” mantra, I did some experimenting.

These images are created from a mix of a lightbox, fake grass, toys, dead things, paper and photoshop. I made and still make a TON of really bad, unsuccessful attempts at art. Some of my experiments work out, but most of them don’t. It’s still worth pursuing, if only for the satisfaction of trying.

Whether your magic is the real deal or a piece of paper in front of a lightbulb, cheers to making art where you are.


  1. These are absolutely amazing. I did a series about 10 years ago with toys from my childhood, imagining their personalities and relationships. It took my sparked my imagination and tested my skills.

    The image of the see through leaves and the one of the bird are poetry!


  2. Yep. Artist. Your work is amazing.

    Quantify? compositions are well thought out and make sense. Color, texture, mood are well executed and so not accidental. These are worlds created by an artists vision and then realized.

  3. Indoors or outdoors, I always love your photography! You create such a dreamy mood – beautiful but in a way where tiny details are sharp and the rest is hazy.

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