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My family and I recently arrived home from a two week road trip across the US and down the coast of California. It was the trip of a lifetime and three years in the making. My husband and I originally drove the coast about twenty years ago after we were first married. We’d always talked about returning as a family and this year we were lucky to do so. As I eagerly await the return of film from the lab, I decided to upload the digital images I took. So. Many. Photos! Sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of the massive quantity of photos and, in scrolling, I had an idea to try creating diptychs. I’m continually inspired by the Queen of Diptychs and fellow Viewfinder Kirstin McKee. I decided to try seeing my own images in an alternate view.

The Bonneville Salt Flats were mesmerizing! Gorgeous blue skies with contrasting white salt. Cracks across the otherwise smooth surface.

Our hotel balcony on a very foggy morning in San Francisco.

Wildflowers along the roadside of Highway One as we made our way to Big Sur.

The ever stunning coastline near Bixby Bridge and the beautiful blue waters swirling below.

Yosemite in the early morning hours before the crowds arrived.

It might sound silly, but diptychs have always intimidated me a little. It’s an entirely different way of looking at the world and your photographs. It’s almost like piecing together a story. I’m glad I decided to explore something new and I’m excited to make more! Perhaps I’ll even try a triptych at some point. Have you ever created diptychs? Is there an alternate way you pull your images together? I’d love to see!

~ Laura


  1. Laura, this is awesome. You’re awesome! 💕

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