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I. Love. Cats. You might know that from some of my previous posts here!

So… I was really excited to visit Patriot Pawsibilities in Fairfax, Virginia. This wonderful cat lounge works with local rescues to give precious cats a wonderful place to live and find their forever homes. It is veteran owned and full of passionate cat lovers. Not only was this a heart warming way to spend a morning but it was the perfect opportunity to photograph some of the cutest creatures on earth. Of course… if you see any wide-eyed cats in my photos, it’s because they were all intrigued by the sound of camera click!

This was my first visit to a cat cafe and I went in with an open mind and open heart. Of course it exceeded my expectations!

I was a little worried I might find stressed out cats or any number of terrible things you read about in online horror stories but as soon as we walked in we were greeted by happy, social, affectionate fur babies. Also this place is waaaay bigger than I thought! All the kitties have plenty of space to claim as their own. All of the walls are covered in climbing towers and places to sleep! All the fur babies seemed content and well cared for.

We spent a wonderful hour in cat heaven. I snagged a string toy and made so many friends with the little enthusiastic hunters. I petted every cat that rubbed a face against my leg. I met a beautiful little FIP survivor, who tugged at my heart-strings as she sat comfortably in her box. And my significant other fell in love with a kitten named Ella…. or … she fell in love with him. It’s hard to say who fell first.

Although we can’t adopt another cat at this point in our lives I felt just fine leaving knowing these babies are happy, well cared for, AND Patriot Pawsibilities has had over 500 adoptions in the 3 years they’ve been here.

I look forward to spending more time here!

If you’re able, consider adopting, donating, or volunteering at your local shelters and rescues!

Much love,



  1. Your photos are so sweet. The cats do look very happy. It’s awesome how many climbing possibilities have been created for them. Important to have spaces where they can get invisible for the visitors. That you didn’t take Ella home is very courageous. If I could I would adopt, but we’ve got a cat family of four, that is in harmony at the moment. But seeing your photos of these lovely cats it keeps tugging at your heart, doesn’t it?

  2. Sweet photos! Sounds like a wonderful place!

  3. Ella is adorable. I don’t know how managed to walk away, I really don’t! Definitely worth visiting again. x

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