Yahsica T4 Super: Camera Review

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We are going on a trip to Italy to celebrate my 50th birthday. I have been searching for a point-and-shoot film camera to take with me. I wanted something small enough to fit in my purse and easy to use.

This first point-and-shoot that I tried is the Yashica T4 Super. I was drawn to the camera because of its Zeise lens, autofocus, and low light capabilities. We took it out on a family night out to get some practice with it and to see if it worked.

I loved its ease of use. The only decision I ever had was if I wanted the flash off for some low-light drama. It was so easy to use that I could pass it around to other family members- and I could be in a few shots. In fact, it does a great job with selfies!

It is small and light- fitting in my smallest purse and not creating extra weight. I look forward to taking this with me while we roam the streets of Florence and Venice.

~Staci Lee

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