bottle it up

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When all else fails me, flowers remain.

Beautiful for no reason, other than to catch the attention of the creatures who will help them survive. They put on their big show for the rest of us, free of charge.

No matter how many times I make pictures of flowers, I see the light catching petals, distilling color to its essence, and I am compelled to pause and admire.

If I have a camera at hand,  I usually can’t resist the urge, no matter the thousands of photos of flowers that sit on my external hard drive, to hold it – to bottle that magic up. 

I hope you see something so beautiful this summer it catches you and makes you pause with quiet appreciation. Don’t forget to bottle some up for later.

Keep your eyes wide open,



  1. This is lovely. And I feel the same about flowers. I’ll never stop snapping pictures of them.

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