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What’s your favorite thing to photograph? Mine is flora and fauna. Especially flora.

That’s why the US Botanic Garden is my favorite place to visit in Washington, DC.

I can spend hours in the gardens marveling at the tiny differences and details between the plants.

As much as I love the orchid room and the carnivorous plants, the succulents and the medicinal plants… I find myself favoring the simple delicate shape of ferns.

The gardens are a magical retreat of greenery and warmth in the middle of busy, stressful, DC.

And you can lose yourself in the never ending patterns.

No matter the season you can always find lush, green, nature here. You can be kissed by the mist and enveloped in a tropical warmth. Even if the trees outside are hibernating, the ones here are thriving.

I love to retreat here when I’m craving plant photography.

Where do you retreat to?



  1. Oh Jenny. Wow. These are absolutely gorgeous images. I can really feel the way you enjoy nature from the way you photograph it.

  2. Beautiful images! As it so happens, I’ll be visiting a friend in DC next month, and she suggested we visit the Botanical Gardens. Glad to have had a preview through your post and hope we’ll make it there.

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