The Last Bit of Summer Magic

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October has arrived and the light has changed. The leafy green trees are shifting to bold reds and vibrant yellows with pops of orange. My favorite time of year has arrived. As I look out my kitchen window though, I can still see the tiny bits of summer magic holding on….shimmering in the golden hour. Tiny buds still hopeful to bloom. I’m savoring all of it! I took my favorite Pentax k1000 into the backyard and decided to try double exposures….wondering if I could capture the feeling of it all.

Zinnias and Lantana have been having quite the party this summer!

I planted the Cosmos a little late this season and was worried they wouldn’t make it, but they arrived in full fashion! Glorious shades of pink and white blossoms. Total joy…pure bliss!

Zinnias and Lythrum have been full of bumblebees and butterflies this summer. Hummingbirds here and there throughout the day. I’m so grateful for the color and the liveliness of the garden party.

The cooler temperatures have arrived and the butterflies, bees, & hummingbirds are gone for the season. I’m still here though….a witness to the beauty and the last bit of summer magic.

(Pentax k1000, Kodak UltraMax 400)

~ Laura


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