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While rain and flooding and atmospheric rivers have been surging over and around my Northern California home these past few weeks, I’ve been indulging in endless scanning through the photo library on my old iPhone 7 (more on that later). For various reasons I didn’t often post on social media in 2022, but I have an abundance of photos from my travels last spring and summer that have never seen the light of day. So while rain and hail were hammering my windows, I scrolled over bucolic images of the blues and greens of Cornwall, U.K., where we visited my in-laws last June. We had our share of driving rain on that trip, but in between the crystal clear sea, blue skies, and unbelievable greens encouraged us outdoors for walks on the coast and adventures to see the views.

This coming week I’ll be upgrading from my broken down old iPhone to a new-to-me iPhone 11 Pro. My intention is to be much more selective about what and how much I shoot, like I am with my Canon, so that I don’t have hundreds or thousands of photos lost and forgotten in my photo library (other than when I’m scrolling endlessly during weather). And to remember to share those visual stories… because while some photos are personal, one of the joys of my adult life has been viewing and reading the photo stories that others share, and sharing my own.


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  1. The blues in Cornwall are out of this world. And those rocks look like they’re kissing! Looking forward to seeing pics from your new phone. x

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