West African Coast

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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Over Christmas holiday, my family and I traveled to Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was a homecoming for us. We were able to visit family and friends. It was my first time on the West African Coast, and simply put, I am forever changed by my experience.

Freetown, Sierra Leone

I was immediately struck by the beauty of the mountains, the city, and the coast.

I was so incredibly happy that my daughters were able to have this experience. It is so important to know who you are and where you come from. I think self awareness is a gift that will continue to follow them their entire lives.

Number 2 Beach, Sierra Leone

We live on the North Carolina Coast of the US. As such, we see the Atlantic Ocean almost every day. It was amazing to see and experience the Atlantic Ocean from the West Coast of Africa.

I tried to capture the beauty of everything I saw. It was simply breathtaking.

Until we meet again, Sierra Leone – I can’t wait.



  1. That your girls were able to make a connection with their heritage is so very important. Thank you so much for sharing your images with us.

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