the beach in black and white

In Black and White, Mobile
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My husband and I recently visited the gorgeous coast of Vancouver Island to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. It was lovely to walk the beach every morning and evening. I definitely could live at the shore.

I shot some film while there and am excited to get it back from the developers. One morning, I decided to put in a roll of black and white film. While the colors of the coast were magical, I also loved the silhouettes of the forest nearby, the lines in the sand, and the textures of the shells left behind.

One thing I love about having my phone on me is that I can have instant gratification. I thought I would give myself a little preview of the film I am waiting for and edit a few of my iPhone photos to black and white.

I look forward to getting all my rolls back, but I am especially excited to see my roll of black and white.

What do you have in your camera right now?

~Staci Lee


  1. These are beautiful Staci.
    I fell in love with Canada on Vancouver Island.
    I can’t wait to see you film shots.

  2. Oohh…love it all! I love that feeling of waiting for film to be sent back! May you be delighted by your captures 😉

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