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My original idea for today’s post was to share a little of the experimental photography I’ve been creating using a Splitzer. I’m in the early days of trying to figure out this lens attachment and what I can do with it. I’m not finding it as easy as I’d hoped. With that in mind, I nearly deleted this post and started over with a new topic. And then I stopped myself. The truth is that it’s sometimes really hard to be a beginner. If you Google Splitzer images, you will be amazed at the surreal images artists are creating using this technique! The truth is that you don’t arrive there overnight. It’s a long process of trying, failing, and trying again. I was tempted to shelve this post for another six months until I found more success, but decided against it. In the spirit of full transparency, following is the work I’ve made so far. It’s a beginning…a starting point…a work in process.

A Splitzer is a filter placed over your lens that covers a portion of your lens. Used with double or multiple exposures, it allows you to expose a selected area of your film while covering another section. Once the first exposure is made, you rotate the Splitzer and make a second exposure. Splitzers are available for multiple cameras and lens combinations. The one I have is made for my Instax Square.

Attached to my lens for the first exposure:

Rotated for the second exposure:

I used this along with the multiple exposure setting on my Instax Square 6. You can make your own Splitzer, purchase from Lomography online, find them on Amazon, and/or order from Etsy. I found this one here from Mr. Splitzer.

I began experimenting in earnest a couple of months ago while on a trip with my family. The first few images were a bit of a mess. In the first image below, I was trying to capture the blue of the beach towel with the blue of the water. It’s kind of a cool abstract, but nothing like I imagined in my mind.

In the following image, I thought I was focused on a gorgeous orange hibiscus bloom, but captured the green stems instead.

I thought I was focused on a very old Florida restaurant, but captured a boat off to the side.

This one was better, but if I’m being truly honest….it’s not what I was going for. I was trying to make an image that looked like there were two pool floaties.

And then I got it! I created an image I was intentionally trying to make. This was a very joyful moment!

When we arrived back home, I switched to black and white film and took my camera downtown for project I was working on. More experimenting!

This is where I am at the moment. A beginner. A work in process. Filled with enthusiasm to keep trying! Stay tuned.

~ Laura


  1. I love the way you push and play, and I think it was really generous of you to share the start of things.
    That image with the floaties – I felt you get it! So satisfying! But I loved seeing the work along the way as well.

  2. magnifico lavoro una splendida idea la tua

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