Cosmic Days

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On the 18th of November 2021 Ville and I took Dad to Visit Charles Jencks’ Cosmic House in West London. It was a perfect Autumn day full of suprising sunshine. Dad was giddy with delight at this playful, quirky, treasure of a building. He stood a long time at this window soaking in the moment. And I, so happy to be out together after lockdown, watched him. He planned to bring as many people as he could to share this discovery.

A year later Dad had died and we chose this picture for the back of the funeral order of service. My sister Hellen surrounded him with stars.

Today I went back to Cosmic House with Ville and Katrina, and in the afternoon Stefan, Jake and Matti visited too.

It was so lovely to stand with my sister exactly where Dad had stood.

It’s hard not to wish I had taken a hundred more pictures that day with Dad. But I am so happy that I have some. And happy that we can step back inside this space that gave him such joy.

Julia xxxx

(If you are curious about the building click HERE )


  1. What a remarkable place! Remember it your father this way is beautiful

  2. Oh, Julia, that image of you and your sister in the window he had stood before is just perfect…

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