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We really wanted to have a little trip with our two youngest before school starts again and took them to stay at a youth hostel in the Lake District for the weekend. We arrived to Windermere by train and walked to Coniston so I could relive the childhood memory of arriving at Holly How with Dad nearly 40 years ago. I remember being exhausted but bubbling over with awe at the landscape. So lovely to layer this new adventure on the memories.

Wishing you all a September filled with ease and creativity. I’ll be so glad when the first days back at school have passed and the routine of the new term settles in! Julia xxx


  1. Gorgeous! I would love to visit that area some day. I had to look up the distance from Windermere to Coniston — that was a very long walk!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is some landscape! What a gorgeous set. I love your intentionality in “layering the memories.” So special to be able to share this with your kids

  3. Gosh your two youngest are definitely getting bigger! I have fond memories of this part of the world with my father too. Hugs. x

  4. Oh, those greens…! So luscious! And you captured so many shades… love!

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