Love for bubbles

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Since I was a child, I have been captivated by bubbles. The way they form into amazing shapes and float slowly into the sky above. Looking at the enchanting iridescence in them and seeing the reflections along their glossy curves. Watching them be carried by the wind until they pop, all sides fraying and then disappearing into the atmosphere.

As an adult, I love them as much and need them even more. When my daughter, Anna, was a child, we were never without them. It was the ultimate summertime activity. Seeing her blow them with a nose full of freckles and a face full of wonder made me so happy. It never got old. And it always, always made for beautiful photos.

At the University I work at, I had the pleasure of meeting a friend, Rachel, who was doing sunset bubbles for hundreds of people. It was my favorite event to not only be at, but to photograph. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was happy. Small children, teens, senior citizens…everyone was joyous. You can see the older people being brought back to when they were kids. I am on such a high at every event. And not only did I get to capture the magic of it all, but I made a lifetime friend I adore. Who is all about spreading happiness and love, music and good vibes. Like me.

So, if you need something to lift your heart, go makes some bubbles and squeal like a child. Life is too short not to.

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  1. I did a bubble shoot with my teenage daughter and her boyfriend years ago, and it was magic! These images are beautiful. Welcome to VF!

  2. These are all so amazing and I’m having a hard time picking a favorite!! I do bubble with my kinders and it’s always magical…

  3. These are all beautiful and I’m having a hard time picking a favorite! I do bubbles with my kinders and it’s always magical…

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