fifteenth fall

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It’s been fifteen years since my photography journey first began. In the fall of 2008 I decided to upgrade my very old, very basic analog camera to a digital point and shoot, and then quickly graduated to a Canon Rebel as photography became a passion. Through the flickr days, the photo texturing days, the blog hop days, the 365 projects, online photo classes and contests, the early heady days of Instagram…each step and new challenge was a joy. Like many of you, I’m sure, I look back on some of my early images and cringe a bit, but I like to think they brought me to where I am today, and will lead me on into the next phase of my photographic journey.

So in honor of those fifteen years, here are fifteen fall images to celebrate the season.

Happy fall, and here’s to the next fifteen!

xo lucy


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Lucy. Your photos have always told a story from the day you picked up a camera!

  2. Fifteen beautiful images.
    And a trip down memory lane.
    Thank you!

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