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It’s been an exciting few weeks since our building was shortlisted for the UK’s most prestigious architecture prize. It’s been a great opportunity to talk about the project and why it matters so much. As part of Open City Festival I was able to show visitors our home and have a conversation with the architects about their ideas and the impact they have had in practice. Thank you so much to Jimmy for the pictures of me.

Seeing the downstairs community space, The Living Room, coming to life over the past few months has been a great joy. The architects intention in creating a space that is more window than wall was to make it part of the street. Allowing local residents to see in before they step over the threshold makes it so much easier to do, and invites interest and interaction. At dusk, as the space begins to glow, and the reflection of its setting intensifies, the boundary visibly blurs.

Perhaps the thing that has made me happiest of all is to see my whole family participating in workshops and bring new skills and energy into our home.

And I am looking forward to be in Manchester on the 19th to celebrate with some of the people who made all this possible. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Julia xxx


  1. Green with envy – wish I too lived in a magical place like this one! Love all the pics but the night ones are extra beautiful.

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