Oh How I Love Film: Guest Post with Sara Lamp

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Today I’m excited to introduce you to a long-time photo friend of mine, Sara Lamp, from sunny California. Sara and I met through Flickr years ago and cemented our friendship through an impromptu photoshoot in the hallways of the Four Seasons, Las Vegas a few years later. I love this woman and know you’ll love her, and all her cameras, film explorations, and unique vision too!

Oh how I love film.

The wait. The anticipation. The outcome.

Pure bliss!

In my forever quest to purge things, I came across a forgotten box of film (all expired) and rolls of film I’d never taken to get developed. As my purge continued, I found film in old purses, pockets of coats and unfinished rolls in old cameras. This discovery reignited my passion to shoot film again.

I was already shooting Polaroids on Sundays…long story short, overwhelm with editing digital and phone photos had pushed me over to instant…so finding the forgotten film gave me the push I needed to dive even deeper into analog explorations.

If you ever shoot with me, I typically have 3 -4 cameras on me at all times. I never know what will inspire me to pick up which camera, so better to have them all, right? That’s my new motto, and I’m sticking to it!

The three cameras I use are a Rolleiflex that was my Dad’s, a Canon Rebel I bought for college, and a Canon AE-1 that was gifted to me .

So please! Enjoy some of my film! I hope you love it as much as I do.

Expired Kodak Tri-X Pan 120, Rolleiflex:

Expired b&w, Kodak tmax 100, Canon Rebel:

My sons are in college now, so finding this gem, and the others on this roll, was as exciting as it was emotional. Look how young they were!

Expired b&w T-Max p3200, Canon AE-1-

Expired lomocolor, Canon AE-1:

My next pile of film is ready for my cameras! I can’t wait to load up this new batch and see where it takes me!

Hi! I’m Sara Lamp. Made in Germany, raised amongst the vast beauty California has to offer. Mother of two boys, ahem, men, partner and wife to my best friend. My focus is documenting nature and every adventures that comes my way, with every kind of camera you can think of! I hope you’ll join me in exploring my enchanting my world.


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