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I’ve always been intrigued by scenes of groups of people gathered together, captured in a photograph. They pose for the photographer, usually in an attempt to be formal and poised. But when taking a deeper look at these group photographs, there are often intriguing aspects to the photos that reward or amuse the viewer. Vintage photographs like these capture the details of life in a bygone era. I like to imagine the inner lives of the people depicted, putting a story to the image.

These photos are from my personal collection and from the archives at Sturgis Library, where I am the Director. I find myself looking at them again and again, hoping to find more interesting tidbits hiding in plain sight.

What stories emerge for you when viewing these images? What do you see that I might have missed?

See you soon. —lucy


  1. These are so interesting, Lucy. I wonder what secrets these people held and what joys and sadnesses they shared…

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