Oh, Freesia…

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Freesia has always been one of my favorite flowers. It’s almost as beautiful before the buds open as when they do. We were thrilled to see one in our yard when we bought our home 20 years ago. About 5 years in, we landscaped the whole front yard and put big and little rocks over the area where the flower bloomed. I was bummed that it would probably be the end for her, but it was not. The next year, I was delighted to see the green leaves forcing its way between the rocks. She was here to stay. And my husband and I were so happy.

Now, every year, when we see it pop up, we text each other photos of it and it also makes us happy because it signals that winter is heading out and gorgeous spring is on the way. Life’s little sweet surprises like this make me happy.

All of these photos have been taken over many years.

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