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Today I am excited to introduce a friend of mine whom I met on Instagram. I have been obsessed with her flower pictures for a long time and I think you should see how absolutely gorgeous they are.

Flowers chasing in spring has been part of my yearly routine and it is my favorite passion year after year. One might ask why make a big deal about chasing flowers, and even say it is natural for flowers to bloom in Spring. 

First of all where I live, Denver Colorado, Spring usually arrives late and most major snowstorms happen in March and April. Therefore blooming cycles are unpredictable. So as a flower lover I need to stay ahead of incoming weathers and be always watchful about bloom alerts. I always keep my camera close by while walking in the neighborhood, driving around the town, or even when running errands to capture those fleeting beauties. I think my diligence has paid off this year as I got a few good shots of beautiful spring blossoms even after two late snow storms and some freezing days. 

Here are some of my favorites of this spring.

~ Suu


  1. Suu, your photos are absolutely gorgeous, as always. Thank you for joining us today and for a lovely glimpse at your spring.

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