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Life seems so much simpler now it’s summer. I slip on some sandals and head to work, with a cardigan in my backpack just in case. I’ve not needed it for days.

I walk around the city, to and from work, doing errands, or just because, and it’s so easy to get my phone out and take a photo when I spot a scene or a detail or even simply a smell.

And then I come home and take some more photos, because the sun through the kitchen window in the afternoon is just the prettiest right now, bringing out the most gorgeous of textures in our dining table and on the countertop that I kind of want to change, but not when I see it like this.

And I think about how simple it is to take photos these days, with a phone that makes automatic adjustments and several apps that help me adjust a photo even more with a few clicks in a few minutes.

And I remember the day before when I shot film, and the feeling that this physical photography seemed insubstantial because the image disappeared into the camera, not to be seen again until I get the film developed.

And I wonder if maybe there are some thoughts here that need to be thought about some more, but that seems too complicated during this simple summer, and I sink back into my cozy chair with some tea and a book and wait for the rain.

~ All the best from Jenny G.

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