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It is summer in the northern hemisphere, arguably one of the best times to photograph since daylight stretches for so long during this time.  Nature is at its peek during the summer months, and with that comes so much green.  Green is the color of growth, renewal, and rebirth.

Viewfinders - Azzari Jarrett

Summer features nature at its finest hour.   Earth’s gentle way of reminding us that there is time and a season for renewing of energy and restoring our strength.

Viewfinders - Azzari Jarrett

I love capturing all of the shades of green during this time.  There is no need to make a special trip or go out of your way, green surrounds us everyday, at every turn. It is simply our job to document the color green in its glory.

Viewfinders - Azzari Jarrett


Viewfinders - Azzari Jarrett

Are you drawn to capturing green during the summer months as well?

Viewfinders - Azzari Jarrett


  1. yes definitely, i feel exactly the same way. my favorite time of the year when everything is green. i find it much easier to find inspiration around greens.

  2. I love the way summer intensifies all the colors of the rainbow. These greens are wonderful!

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