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I think inspiration comes to us from a whole pile of different places. It might translate into the photographs we make, how we arrange light, color, compositions, but where that spark originates can be pretty all over the board.

I like to read – something I’m thrilled seems to be being taken up by my kids as well. I’d like to think that the stories, worlds, people I’ve encountered in my reading has shown up here and there in the images I make.

But, truth be told, there’s another place where those stories and characters grab hold in my life. I have a seasonal job as a high school competitive speech coach. The students I work with mostly do spoken interpretations of literature, in many ways literally making the stories from the page come to life and then competing against other students from across the region (the state, the country) to see just who can do it the best. I’ve been coaching for six years now, and it’s one of my favorite things – a way to flex that bent of creativity that is so different from basically anything else in my life.

Where do you see your inspiration taking hold? Is it in places outside of your photography – maybe in your stitching, baking, movement, or music? I’d love to hear!

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  1. That is so cool, Alison! I’ve never heard of anything like this – like debate club for fiction?

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