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Earlier this week I returned to South Africa to visit family and friends. While we’re back, my husband and I are going on a self-drive safari through the Kruger National Park, and if everything goes as planned, I’m there right now! While looking back through photos from previous safaris, I couldn’t help but notice a theme throughout my images. I found myself, again and again, seeking out shapes in my work.

From a high-powered electrical fence protecting the rest camp to a spherical sunrise peaking over the horizon, my compositions used rectangles and triangles to showcase the hour’s early morning glow.



I found details and textures in landscapes and natural elements, as well as in the animals we encountered along the way.


I couldn’t resist the many elements that this warthog skull provided.


Sometimes I found circles in the most interesting places. Like the round body of this majestic rhino,


or the ripples this fresh-water terrapin made as his small head bobbed up and down in one of the many dams found throughout the park.


Often, an incongruous shape catches my eye in the distance, like the straight line of this Secretary Bird,


or how this puff adder sunning himself on the pavement almost blends right in!


From close up this giraffe pops right out of the photo, but from far away, his long neck blends in amongst the tree trunks from the trees he dines on in the distance.


I’m looking forward to seeing what shapes I capture on this trip!

Until next time,
Holly ~ Soupatraveler


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