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I have a lot of film, expired film, in a corner of my fridge. I mainly talk about it, but rarely shoot on it. I can’t bring myself to part with the bulk of it, though from time to time, I’ll pass along a roll or two to a friend. Overall, it mainly populates a section of my condiment while waiting for me to commit to it once again. Considering that I have at least three cameras with unfinished rolls of film, that might take a while.

I also have a lot of jpgs of film photos sitting on hard drives waiting to be acknowledged. Admittedly, I can’t remember what I’ve shared or haven’t.

One Christmas-maybe ten years ago-I received a Lomography gift certificate with which I bought a little toy camera, the Diana F+. I’ve only used it once and truthfully it confounded me. I wasted countless precious frames of 120 film trying to load the thing, and in the end, only 7 frames came back from development, one completely black.

After capturing those 7 frames, it served time as decor in my office-it’s a cute little camera, before being tucked away to save it from death by dust. I’d completely forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when I was transferring images from one storage drive to another and came across my little lomo frames, which I will share with you now.

How the few frames I took that came out in focus, I have no idea. I sure do love them though! They’re all a little dirty, but I think that’s just part of the Diana F+ charm. Here’s my husband with my sister-in-law in her back garden along with the blinds in her guest room and a detail from her front garden.

And then we have the shaky ones, which I like and think are kinda cool, but have no idea how they turned out this way. I assume from low light camera shake, but some slivers are totally fine.

In the spirit of accountability and curiosity, I’ve dug out the Diana F+ and a roll of 120 film-expired in 2016. I plan to load it up and share the results later this year. I think I’ll have to watch several tutorials on how to use it, especially how to load it, but I’m exciting to give it another go. I’ll have to reach out to Laura to see how she managed these! If all goes well, I’ll have a full 12 frames to share with you.

Wish me luck!


  1. It’s a bit of a crapshoot with toy cameras, but then, that’s the charm and magic of them, I think..

    And when they do work, they give you something special – like the feeling of an unearthed memory. That’s what these feel like to me.

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