Pocket-Sized Time Machine

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The other day while sorting my camera drawer, I found my SX-70 camera. I had bought this camera when Impossible Project was all the rage, had it refurbished but then never really took to it, as I felt I achieved better results with other Polaroid cameras. Fast forward a decade and the company formerly known as Impossible Project is now known as Polaroid, having taken over the company whose products it had set out to recreate, in an unusual act of corporate necromancy. The reanimated Polaroid company continues to make new and improved film for these old cameras and, more recently, has even released an entirely new design of Polaroid camera. All these exciting developments had happened while my camera languished in a drawer. It was time to put it to work with some new film!

My first stop was Trafalgar Square, en route to a gallery. I let the photo develop in my bag while I visited the exhibition and was rewarded with a spectral image of Nelson on top of his column that looked as though it had been taken in the 19th century. I felt as if time had been dislocated and I was now time travelling. This inspired me to take more pictures in a similar vein, travelling around London with my pocket-sized Polaroid time machine.



  1. These are really like ghost images from another time. And how did you manage to get London photos without many people?

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