Like a moth to a flame

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There’s a warehouse district in Kansas City that’s been rejuvenated in recent years by the addition of a monthly vintage market. When I visit the shops in those old warehouses, I’m drawn to the large windows and soft light almost more than the goods for sale there. I’ve often wished for rooms empty of people and objects so that I might wander with my camera and enjoy unobstructed views.

Recently I had the chance to explore such a place with a small group of fellow photographers. We were able to access an empty warehouse on a sunny afternoon, and the spaces we found were intriguing.  The rooms were vast, some dingy and cluttered with debris, others empty and flooded with light.

Broken windows 72px

Aaron 72px

There’s something eerie and yet beautiful in the decay. The darkened rooms made the light streaming in even more stunning. I was left wondering how this space was used and what its appearance might have been when it was brand new.

Pillars edit 72px

Niah sitting 72px

The light here did not disappoint. Though there were many dark (and creepy) corners in this building, the light-filled spaces were perfect for portraits and silhouettes. And the late-afternoon rays provided a perfect golden glow through the westernmost windows.

Aaron sitting 72px

Shadow silhouette 72px

Darkness falls quickly, however, in a building without electricity. The light faded fast when the sun began to set, forcing us to find our way through stairwells and dark corridors.

As we made our way back to the street, I was reminded that adventures such as these are even sweeter when shared with like-minded friends. And I can’t wait for the next outing!



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