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Summer is winding down. Officially we still have three weeks til the change of seasons but the kids are back in school (at least, mine is) and the opportunity to load up the van to head somewhere ANYWHERE for more than a weekend is done until next summer.


While my girl was at sleepaway camp for a week, my husband and I took the opportunity to go on a roadtrip. One piece of advice I’d give to anyone thinking of doing the same is to have a professional Vehicle Inspection carried out beforehand, just to give you peace of mind that you’re not going to breakdown in the middle of nowhere. You want fun memories not stressful ones! It’s the first time we’ve been on the road since renewing our van insurance. We were convinced we were paying too much, so when our friends recommended one sure insurance we decided to shop around for a better deal. It’s amazing how much money you can save just by doing a little research. As well as this research, we needed to be assured that there would be enough space in the vehicle. After all, going on a road trip for a week means packing quite a bit of stuff! I find that as long as the type of vehicle you own accommodates it, ute canopies brisbane are an excellent way to store all of your equipment and supplies.

It was just the two of us – we didn’t even take the dog. It was weird, yet so …. peaceful. Roadtrips aren’t for everyone, there is a lot of driving after all. You have to be comfortable with long silences and watching the scenery go by mile after mile. #moseyroadtripseries


But there are stops to take in the view and stretch your legs, and there is the pleasure of pulling into a campsite or a cabin where you settle in for a day or two to hike or bike or swim or just sit in a camp chair with a book and a drink from the cooler. I actually finished two entire books (and a couple of magazines) during our six days on the road.


Coming home to piles of laundry and organizing ourselves for work and school was bittersweet, but also a harbinger of my favourite season.
Goodbye summer, hello autumn. I love you too… crunchy leaves and crisp air and boots and all….


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  1. how wonderful to hit the road, just the two of you. the very thought of it brings me back to the early days of courtship between my husband and i. so happy you had the opportunity to do this together. xoxo

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