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It’s tax season in Canada and I have left it till the last minute, something I swear I will never, ever, ever do again every year around this time. However, a couple of days ago my weather app showed a whole sunny day and I knew I didn’t want to spend indoors filing my taxes. As well as tax season, it is also cherry blossom season, so we headed to one of my favourite places, the Royal Botanical Gardens, about an hour West of Toronto. Every year, I blow the dust off a couple of my cameras and we go and spend a day filling our eyes with the transient beauty of ornamental cherry blossoms and filling our ears with the sound of happy, drunk bees.

It was a prefect day.

I shot a whole roll of Portra 160 on my Canon AE1, but haven’t had it processed yet. These were shot with my digital camera.

Now, back to those taxes…


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