Forgotten favorites

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With cold weather finally arriving and the holidays looming, I’ve had few chances to adventure with my camera. Those outings that fuel my creativity (and give me a nice stockpile of shots to share) have been almost non-existent as of late.  So I decided to explore my camera roll for images to share–and I was happily surprised to find a few forgotten favorites.Some of these images are from local spots, others were captured far from home. All bring a smile to my face as I remember where I was and who I was with at the time.chin-up-resizewest-bottoms-shop-resizekeys-resizeIs there a common thread here? Perhaps. Though these were shot at many different places and times, I see favorite subjects and the kinds of details that draw my eye.motel-resizeHow about you? Do you have forgotten favorites on your camera roll or in your archives? Before your next adventure, maybe you should have a second look!







    • Thanks, Kirstin! It’s funny how just one or two from various outings were still lingering on the camera roll. (Now if I can just find time for some new adventures…)

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