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Is there something you photograph every single year? For me, it’s the fruit tree blossoms that appear all throughout California a little sooner than the rest of the country.

I’m always excited when I spot the first ones, and then it’s a game to try find them all as they slowly turn white, pink, purple, or red.

I have often trespassed into people’s yards to shoot the first ones; a little silly, I know, because they will soon be everywhere and I wouldn’t need to sneak around. I just can’t help it, though: those first ones simply take my breath away.

When do your trees blossom? Can’t wait to see all your photos!



  1. I love your photos! I photograph our Flowering Quince (Japonica), Crabapple, Peach, and Ornamental Plum every year and I never tire of looking at pictures of Spring!

  2. I photograph the same avenue of cherry blossom trees EVER SINGLE YEAR. Best part? Ella comes to join me to photograph it too now!

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