While I’m Waiting

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I always arrive early for my photoshoots.  Even if I’ve shot at the same location a hundred times, I still get there early.  It allows my brain to focus on the task at hand instead of the countless other items that try to steal my attention.  It allows me to take inventory of the conditions:  Are there other people at the venue that we need work around?  Is the path closed off?  Is the light too harsh?  Is it muddy?  Where is the shade?  Where should we start so that we can accomplish everything they need?

I also like to spend this time thinking about what I’m going to do with my clients:  Do I have enough space to shoot a jumping/ running scene?   Is it safe for the kids and for me?  What’s going to end up in the background?  Can we get a different look by changing directions or taking a short walk?   How can we make it fun?

I’ve confessed before that I even though I’ve been doing this job for years, I still get nervous.  Every. Single. Time.  Arriving early and doing my little walk-through has become a bit of a meditation for me.   All of these images were taken before my clients had even arrived.  It’s nice to be able to look back at them and remember the calm before the controlled chaos that photoshoots can be.

Waiting for clients to get dressed.

Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Waiting for the graduate.

Waiting for the family.

Waiting for the event to begin.

Waiting for the models.

What do you do while you wait?  – Angie


  1. This is great! Those heart door hinges! I want them!

    I get nervous too unless it’s a shoot I’ve done a dozen times, and then I’m just a little bit nervous 🙂 I’m usually early for all my shoots too unless the traffic is insane. You could have been writing from my head, except until I enter the event itself, I don’t have the ability to scout the location, so I typically sit in my car until I can be early at the spot! Thanks for sharing!

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