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Throughout the many beginnings that this life has to offer, some things stay the same. These are the foundation stones that keep me grounded and help me recognise myself when the world around me is changing: curiosity. A thirst for learning and experimentation. Appreciating beauty.

Similarly, the foundation of my photography practice is to learn. This craft of ours is so rich that I can never know everything about it, and for this I am grateful. Now that we open a new chapter with the Viewfinders, I will keep striving to improve, to find that elusive sweet spot at the intersection between inspiration and gear know-how. I look forward to sharing my learning, failures and all, with my fellow contributors and with our community.

Shooting the same subjects again and again with different cameras and formats is useful practice: is one “look” more suitable than another to a particular subject? I tend to come back to the same subjects without noticing; the trick is to be aware of it in order to learn from it, either while shooting or when you’re going through earlier photos. Below are shown a couple of my favourite springtime subjects – and what I have learned from them.

foundation-jennygr-daffodills1 35 mm film; Diana Mini. With very few settings, the Diana Mini requres a lot of light. The underexposed atmosphere works well here however.

foundation-jennygr-daffodills2 Android mobile; edited with VSCO Cam. The flowers are sadly flat in this light, and I should have fixed that in the editing process.

foundation-jennygr-daffodills3 Android mobile; edited with VSCO Cam. Daffodils really should be shot in strong, direct sunlight.

foundation-jennygr-snowdrops1 120 film; Yashica MAT LM. The gorgeous bokeh in the background makes this image for me, but I really need to learn to focus better on small subjects when I shoot with the Yashica.

foundation-jennygr-snowdrops2 Android mobile; edited with VSCO Cam.


– Jenny


  1. Consciously and subconsciously I am often drawn to the same subjects over and over again. There’s something telling to me in those subjects that beckon you back every year.

  2. I love that you’re sharing some of your learning shots here. I think part of what I’m so excited about with this community is the willingness to be vulnerable and true. Thanks for sharing your perfectly imperfect images with us.

  3. You’ve shared a wonderful viewpoint here Jenny. I find myself returning to the same subjects and inspiration over again as well!

  4. I, too, am drawn to the same things time and again…we all have our curiosities to explore through our lenses.

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