Lomography’s Diana Instant Back +

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I absolutely adore anything instant photography related.

I also adore toy cameras.

So, when I realized that Lomography makes an instant back for the Diana+, I was overjoyed!



Above is Lomography’s website where you can purchase the instant back. As you’ll see, it fits on your Diana+ camera, so when you take a photo with the Diana, it is exposed onto the instant film, rather than 120 film as it normally would. Boom! Instant Diana+ prints!

You know what else I love about the Lomography instant back? It uses Fuji Instax Mini film, which is about the size of a credit card. The instant prints are tiny and wonderful!

Here are a few of the photos from my adventures with the instant back:





This has become one of my favorite photo accessories. I love that I can make instant images with one of my favorite cameras, and I enjoy the tiny size of the prints. Since the Instax film is relatively inexpensive, it is great for snapshots and visual note-taking, especially since the prints fit nicely into my journal.


**The opinions expressed here are my own. I have no affiliation with Lomography**


  1. I inherited a Diana F+ last year and never have used it! Looks like the instant back would make it super fun.

  2. Oh dudette, this is so cool! I got a Diana F+ last year as a gift and only shot with it for the first time on my trip last fall. Still need to develop the film…but this would make it so much faster! Your shots are fantastic!

  3. dang it woman, now I need another camera! hahaha.
    these are great and I love the idea of instant toy photography.

  4. These are sweet! I was thinking of getting an Instax Mini but this is so great maybe I’ll get it instead.

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