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I have never actually played soccer (football for my non-American readers). I mean, I have kicked a ball around with my son in the backyard, pretending like I knew what I was doing, but you can get away with that with a six-year-old. My husband and his family they are soccer players. My sister-in-laws both played collegiate level soccer, and my father-in-law only recently stopped playing on a team. My husband still plays at least once a week and loves the sport.

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So, for his birthday, my father-in-law surprised him with tickets to the Seattle Sounders match against the Portland Timbers.  I am not sure how sporting events are in your city, but the Seattle fans are known for their volume (LOUD AND PROUD), and their team spirit is off the charts. Add that to a game against a rival team, and things get a little rambunctious.

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Traffic between Tacoma and Seattle can be a nightmare, so we decided to take a bus that leaves from a local Irish pub in the Stadium District. Once on the bus, it felt a lot like being on the road as a high school basketball player (my only real reference when it comes to team sporting events); the energy was full of excitement and nerves. When we were dropped off in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square, we entered into a sea of blue and green with a dash (okay a HEAP of) parade-like atmosphere. Hundreds of soccer fans were gearing up to march to the stadium a few blocks away. Blue and green smoke bombs colored the damp air, giant blue and green flags waved, and the crowd moved forward all while chanting and shouting, “Scarves UP!” towards the stadium.

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I knew I didn’t want to bring my big camera that evening; there were too many people and too many ways for it to get broken, lost, or stolen. Plus, the darn thing is heavy. It is situations like this when I am thankful for the technology of the iPhone camera. The ability to be mobile in a crowd, yet continue to document it all, is one of the things I love most about my cell phone.

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How often do you opt to keep your big camera at home and travel light? Do you have a travel camera other than your cell phone? What do you love? I ask because we have been looking into getting something small for situations like this. When you aren’t shooting with your DSLR, how have you found it changes or keeps your work the same? I love how I have to see differently when I shoot with my phone vs. my DSLR or film cameras.

PS we WON! go Sounders!


  1. These really capture the spirit of being in the throng, Vanessa. Looks like such a fun day! As for a small/travel camera, not cheap by any means, but I know people swear by the Fuji x100.

    • It truly was a really fun day with my husband. And YES, I have been oohing and ahhhing over the Fuji for months now. It’s on the list!

  2. I rely on my iPhone also as I know it will always be with me. For travel las year I bought the Fuji X100s and it’s been a great “walking around” camera.

  3. It is so freeing to make the decision not to worry about a big camera. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I’ve left it at home and just relied upon my iphone. Next time I’m going to do it! Great shots! You can really feel the action and how it must have felt like to be in the crowd!

    • Yes! and that’s exactly why I decided to keep the camera at home this time. I just didn’t want to have to worry.

  4. I have a small Canon point and shoot that I try to take with me if I want a bit more control than my iPhone. It’s been a companion of mine since ’08 and slips easily into my pocket or small purse. I’ve been considering investing in something newer, but I can’t justify the expense just yet. 🙂

  5. Love these iPhone shots! I shoot a lot with my iPhone and a couple of years ago I bought the Fuji X100s. Lately I’ve been lugging my DSLR on trips but shooting it rarely. Like when I look back on my Seattle & Portland trip last year, most of my shots are iPhone. Makes me consider what I’m going to bring on my travels this summer…

  6. Go Sounders. I love their colors and the energy at the games. While I would love to bring my big camera, I would opt for my phone! This shots are great.

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