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We’re in the thick of a New England July and I can’t seem to capture enough of summer on film: strawberry rhubarb pie, watermelon, cherries, and collard greens to start. Bike rides. Chalk drawings. Sunset in the tree lined hills. Flowers from our garden beds.

strawberry rhubarb pie | Nikki Gardner

cherries | Nikki Gardner

cut watermelon | Nikki Gardner

Looking up | Nikki Gardner

Orange Crush | Nikki Gardner

Summer means roll after roll of color film. I can’t wait to capture all the possibilities of the season!

Steven Shore said it best, “To see something spectacular and recognize it as a photographic possibility is not making a very big leap. But to see something ordinary, something you’d see every day, and recognize it as a photographic possibility — that’s what I’m interested in.”



  1. what a nice quote. i haven’t heard it before, but it pretty much sums up my photography philosophy.
    beautiful photos. i love film too. summer is the best time for film with enough light and all these colors to capture. and grain always just adds interestingness, more depth and a bit of magic to any summer photo.

  2. oh! i missed this post. i love this quote, and even more-so love seeing the context and more from this roll. so good!! thanks for the inspiration, here and everywhere else 🙂

    • Jojo, The possibilities in the ordinary . . . I keep pushing myself deeper into the daily search. Thanks for being here and leaving your thoughtful comments!!

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