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I was recently browsing through our lovely site here and was inspired by this old post from Nikki. Feeling up to the challenge of taking 10 photos in 10 minutes to tell the story of my morning, I set out with my iPhone on Wednesday soon after we woke up. Ten photos, ten minutes, how hard can that be? Well, apparently it was hard, because I failed! But I’m going to share what I captured anyway, as I was happily reminded to focus more on capturing those little moments and that’s not such a bad thing…

It began as I was preparing breakfast—as I saw my daughter begin to reach up to the counter I knew my first shot was presenting itself. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and opened up my Hipstamatic app. In order to capture the otherwise fleeting moment, I went with the film and lens that the app was set on when it opened.

IMG_4656Right away I wasn’t exactly pleased with the camera setting I landed on, but I decided to stick with it as part of the challenge. This is the Stand Up To Cancer Goodpak, which was free last month and I believe it still is. In fairness, the Pak is described as best used for taking portraits, which is not what I was doing. I’m not crazy about the saturated tones and the random gold frame, but alas, it’s the hand I was dealt.

I took two more photos and then I got distracted. About 20 minutes later I realized that I forgot Nikki’s all important rule #3: “set the smartphone timer”. Duh. And on top of that we were late for our music class so out the door we went. With all the stair climbing along the way we barely made it there on time–but I did manage to get two more photos.

So there you have it. Instead of “10 in 10” I have “5 in about 45”. A useful assignment nonetheless, and I will try again soon. What about you, want to give it a go? Don’t forget to set a timer to remind you to take a photo every minute!



  1. I tried this once and failed, too! Which means I probably need to try again 🙂 (Your daughter is such a cutie!)

  2. Christy, I’m so glad you tried the exercise and I love your 5 in 45 :)! I like the immediacy of this assignment and the moments you captured.

  3. such a wonderful assignment! I could give it a go during the weekend. I love the images you’ve taken, all of them. but Amelia’s three feel so much that you’ve captured everyday fleeting moments and so precious because of this. I look forward to seeing the images you’re going to create next time x

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