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I take the same walk in my neighborhood nearly every week — sometimes more often if time and weather permits.  At the end of our quiet street we are fortunate to have a path into an Audubon wildlife sanctuary which leads to ocean, fields, farms, and woods.  I’ve wandered here in every season and at every time of day.   Sometimes the walk is for exercise, sometimes for relaxation and contemplation.

2015-07-28 06.14.20-1
I often bring my Canon DSLR and several lenses, but when walking for exercise I don’t want to be bogged down with extra equipment.  So my iPhone always goes with me, rain or shine.

My iPhone both frees me and limits me to a certain extent.  I don’t have the same options to play with depth of field, zoom way in or out,  or get a super wide angle shot.  But I’ve found other ways to challenge myself and see my surroundings in a new way.

On this particular day I used the iPhone 6’s native camera app and set the color to “Noir” which is a high contrast black and white.  I don’t shoot in black and white very often and this grey day gave me an opportunity to play.  Because I was supposedly out there for exercise, and because rain was threatening, I quickly shot the scenes that caught my eye and would be striking in high contrast mode.

2015-07-28 05.28.22-1
I resisted the urge to check my images as I shot them.  I re-envisioned these familiar views with an eye towards simply seeing light and dark, hoping that the contrast would come through.

2015-07-10 05.34.06-1
The results pleased me enough to want to try this again on a future walk.  Do you walk the same roads or trails often?  What do you do to see things in a new way?

2015-07-10 05.33.53-1
I am so excited to be joining the ladies of Viewfinders as a regular contributor.  I’ve worked with many of them in the past on the Mortal Muses blog, and follow most of them on Instagram, flickr and Facebook.  I’m looking forward to getting to know all of them — and you — in the months ahead.



  1. Welcome Lucy! I walk the same route almost everyday, but lately I have changed my routine so that I walk at 5 a.m. when it is still very dark, so my weekly place for rest, shooting and deep thinking has become the beach at our local state park. I see new things every time I go. I vary what I shoot with sometimes just my iPhone 6, but I have really fallen in love with my Canon again this summer by taking these little weekly trips.

  2. What a great idea. I haven’t thought of changing the settings in the phone prior to shooting. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  3. Hi there Lucy!

    I try to keep up with a “daily” walk in my neighborhood at least a few times a week and I always bring a camera with me too….Lately that too has only been my iPhone. It is a fun challenge to take photos on the same walk over and over and I think I have to try sticking to black and white for one walk! Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations on becoming a regular here!

  4. wonderful images! and your words on seeing things in a new way are very inspiring indeed: I happen to walk on the same paths repeatedly and through the seasons, me too, and I’m always trying to see what is around me with new eyes, but I don’t often create challenges to myself. I’m going to try in the future. so glad you’re going to contribute regularly here!

  5. I totally get this as I have a regular walk I do to school and back. I clearly need to take my camera with me on these trips! It’s so very lovely to have you join the crew! x

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