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We’re moving into a new flat next week, and so I’m currently up to my ears in packing boxes and measuring walls to fit old furniture and new furniture and trips to IKEA (and there are no words for how much I hate IKEA). We’re also planning and sorting and deciding what to keep and what to give away and…

And add to this a baby who is becoming more and more mobile, and who has started not only eating solids but flinging his food heavenwards, it goes without saying that our flat is something of a mess. And I hate that too, even as I tell myself that this too shall pass. We decided to move to another flat, despite all of our friends telling us about the range of houses available on Essex Homes and other online real estate websites. Whilst a house would be the dream, a flat seems the most viable option right now. However, we still dream of owning a house one day. We’re all really looking forward to moving. San Francisco is a beautiful place and I’ve always dreamt of living there. Now my dream is coming true! I’ve seen some of the flats in the Towers at Rincon and they’re amazing. Our new flat isn’t quite as luxurious but we’re still excited to move.

But even now there is light. The light tells me to pause and consider, and the light grants me gifts of beauty even in the midst of the mess, and the light tells me to look, and to grab my camera and get down on the floor to shoot the world as it is right now from my baby’s perspective. How could I not listen?







  1. I am glad you listened. And yes, this too shall pass, much more swiftly than you’ll ever believe. You might even come to like IKEA again.

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