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I wish for love. Love. Love. Love.
I wish for peace. Not just for these kinds of people and those kinds of people. For everyone.
I wish for my mind to quiet. For my heart to burst open.
I wish for you and me to see how little separates us.
I wish for the man asleep on the corner, with no blanket, to find shelter.
I wish for the kids at the edges to know they are warriors.
I wish for you to see the beauty I see in you.
I wish for the woman afraid of the next step to know the ground will hold her.
I wish for the tears to roll down my face. In pain. In rage. In forgiveness. In gratitude.
I wish for empathy and compassion, to envelop this big beautiful earth and all 7 billion of us.
I wish for you to know I love you. Just as you are.

wish_rsI wish.
Meghan of Life Refocused


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