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As of this posting, we are finally in our new house (and I use house instead of home very intentionally). I had spent the last nearly seven years getting to know my location, starting to let that space take root in my self, my family and eventually in my photography. I came to know the light in that house. I knew the when to aim for the kitchen (early morning – the best), I had favorite little pockets of light (the bathtub – my own little studio), I knew that my white balance would always skew too warm in the living room. It’s the house where I learned how to bounce flash without it looking so so flashy. However, I don’t want to put anyone off moving house! If you are thinking about moving house, you might want to look here to see if there is anything you like. Whilst I stand by what I said, new houses will eventually feel like home. If you’ve recently moved house like us, you’ll eventually work out the areas you love and when the sun will come beaming through the window in the kitchen. Although, because of how much time is spent in a house, it’s so important that you find the perfect one to move into next. For example, one of our friends did tell us about the New Homes for Sale in Ogden Valley, they looked really nice! But this one just caught our eye. Our friends recently moved into a community home, which they are raving about. As more private people we wanted to move somewhere where we could discover the neighbourhood for ourselves, but people looking to find a beautiful community, community living is a really great option.

bacon light | Alison Bents

hands on pregnant belly | Alison Bents

As my life changed, so did my tastes for various spaces in that house – different kinds of light I hadn’t noticed or cared for before became new. With the birth of our son, he and I spent much of my parental leave on our front porch – a space we hadn’t used much until then, but it now carries incredible weight in my memory and shows up often in my photos from that time.

mother kissing baby | Alison Bents

boy with lovey and nuk in crib | Alison Bents

Now we are in this new house that isn’t yet a home – we’ll get it to that point but we aren’t there yet. I’m having to learn all sorts of new patterns of light, starting to investigate the perfect little corners. There are some early front runners – the north facing corner of windows in the living room, the south facing bay window in the dining room – but the bathroom is not likely. Adaptation and change, lovely friends, is not for the faint of heart, although if you are thinking you are about to undergo change and wanting to find a new house for you and your family, you might want to visit Mandy McGuire Group powered by Keller Williams website or other real estate agents that could help you find a house that you wish to turn in to a home.
What are your favorite little spots in your home? Do you crawl into the bathtub to do a self portrait (If not, you should totally try it!), or make a series in a particular spot? I’d love to hear about how you’ve come across some of your favorite little pockets.

blanket in window light on bed | Alison Bents
mother and son laughing and hugging | Alison Bents

family in backyard | Alison Bents


  1. I’ve been thinking of you a lot, Alison. The best light here is my kitchen counter, about 8:30 AM, depending on the time of day. Yep. Right now, as I type this, it’s pitch black here and 6:18 AM. Change is not for the faint of heart, I hear you. We’re called to move into it gracefully and I think, as the years pass, somehow one learns the (if not grace) the inevitability of change and so the perspective shifts. So speaketh the old girl in her ratty nightgown up early and sending you love in your new environs.

    • <3 <3 I feel like I know that counter space well. Thanks too for your thoughts on change. Just what I needed to hear this morning.

  2. oh Alison, I know this all too well. I moved from my 2 story, 100 year old home in Texas…into a tiny concrete bunker here in Florida…besides missing my huge spaces, wooden floors and chippy peely woodwork, fourteen feet ceilings… I MISS THE LIGHT. Oh the 8 foot windows with no curtains…every 18 inches. Oh the light. I knew which room, which time of day was the most perfect. Now, seriously, my bathtub is the only spot in my house with the perfect light. Happy move, happy family, happy nest feathering. xoxo

    • Similar to our move – a 106 year old with hardwood EVERYWHERE to a 1980s split level in the ‘burbs. It’s the right move for us, but that doesn’t mean it’s been or will be easy. xoxo

  3. Oh, my heart feels this. It does take time; especially when you leave the home you became a family in. These are beautiful.

  4. I have loved having to re-find the light in our new home. And because the light changes so dramatically through out the year here in Washington (like I would image it does by you) I feel like I am on a constant treasure hunt. I am always forever grateful for our BIG south facing windows in the living room. And our back yard has fantastic light spring through autumn… (winter it’s just feels dark everywhere and all the time…hahah).

    • I’m sure the change from season to season (day to day!) is super dramatic there! Some day, mark my words, some day I will be there and you can take me on a tour of your space 🙂 xoxoxo

  5. In winter it’s the morning light in the kitchen, mid-day light in the bedroom, late light in the living room. Things shift a bit in the summer.
    In time you’ll know all the new patterns. I hope that new light shines on you and your family often as you make your new house your home, Alison.

  6. Change and transition are rarely easy. At least you’ll have the light to guide you, yes?
    I’ve no doubt the magical images you’ll be making in your new space.

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