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I’ve known for a few weeks that this post was coming and yet, despite having given it a lot of thought, I don’t have anything particularly profound or even revealing to share in this, my last post on ViewFinders, so I’ll just say a quick and heartfelt goodbye.

Almost four years ago I was lamenting to Meghan my difficulty in finding inspiration to shoot and she, with a mix of glee and teasing, told me to expect an email that might help to rectify my problem. While that email – an invitation to join what was then Mortal Muses – was not a permanent cure for my photographer’s block, it did lead to great richness in my life. The amazing community of women, past and present, with whom I have shared these pages have been a constant source of inspiration, friendship, laughs and often outright awe. My fellow contributors and the wonderful readers of this site have helped me to celebrate my photographic successes and helped to lift me up and keep me going when my photographic muse has been out on a long lunch break. I am grateful to you all.

coffee time

I’ve often talked about my feeling that ViewFinders is like chatting with your smartest and most fun photography friends over morning coffee and while I will no longer be adding my voice to these pages, I will definitely continue to join you all for coffee.

Who knows, maybe we’ll meet one day on the side of the road, where we’ve pulled over to capture the view.

xo, Debra


  1. I will miss your posts Debra. They are always filled with beauty. xx

  2. Debra: Thank you for sharing you thoughts & photography perspectives with all of us. Good luck with your future endeavors! xoxox 🙂

  3. You will be missed over here Debra. I am wishing you all the success in the world on your new adventures!
    much love- V.

  4. Debra! I’m so sad to see you go, I have always enjoyed your posts. But I know we will be see much fabulousness from you elsewhere! Much luck in your future projects!

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