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Chasing her down with my lens.
These moments aren’t necessarily special, but they are fleeting.
And that makes them incredible.
FifiSaturday (5 of 12)Sushi and chocolate milk.
No big brother around to wrinkly his nose in disapproval.
A picnic at the beach, because the sun had come out and the sky was blue.
It was colder than we had hoped, but we watched the train and the birds out on the water.
FifiSaturday (2 of 12)

“Play is the highest form of research.”
― Albert Einstein

FifiSaturday (9 of 12)Back to the house, warmed up with music.
A dance party for two.
Later, we made banana bread and watched Annie (lookout Broadway….)

Keep chasing that light (and those babies who might not really be babies any more), Vanessa


  1. Precious, every single last image and moment, Vanessa. Keep doing what you do, they will be a treasure to you both.

  2. you had me at sushi and chocolate milk 😉

    I always enjoy seeing your photographs of your daughter…she’s got such spunk!

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