Reawaken Your Soul

In Film, Inspiration, Nature
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It’s happening. My street is starting to breathe and the promises of blooms, buds, and blossoms fill the California air. I have been longing for warmer days, more sunlight, and different shades of green for weeks now and I can finally start to see the signs.


But you see, the changes are not only outside. I notice my spirit is so much happier as I think about making the transition from corduroy and boots to skirts and sandals, when I take out my gardening tools to plant some more spring; dust off my porch and my dormant mood…


It seems my camera was more than ready to enjoy the first signs of spring too. We certainly didn’t wait for the calendar to tell us spring is around the corner, so why should you? Go use those first sunny days ahead to reawaken your spring soul!  – Maite




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