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When life is noisy I look for stillness to photograph. I am finding it everywhere.

In my kitchen, preparing food or waiting for the guests to arrive. Often while the boy is puttering around with his toys on the floor behind me or playing with his dad. jennygr-stillness-table
I find it in the city centre, during rush hour, running an errand after work, hurrying to get home to my family. It’s surprising really, how often and how quickly that one particular quiet scene I see in my mind empties of people just in time for me to photograph it.

It’s meditation of a sort. Observe. Take a deep breath, breathe out the noise. Click. And when the sounds come back, they’re diminished somehow. jennygr-stillness-benchesandposter
Perhaps less surprising, I found stillness in the park this morning. It was sunny, and the church bells were announcing Sunday Mass, the birds chirping in the trees and the dogs running across the lawns.

I can’t quite decide if my images from today convey stillness or not. They do to me, but I was there. They are conceptually still, certainly – deserted dining tables, an empty staircase – but they are visually busy, with all those lines and things in them. It goes to show, perhaps, that stillness is individual. jennygr-stillness-stairs

Where are you finding your stillness, and have you tried photographing it? Show and tell us in the comments, if you like!

~ Jenny G. 


  1. Stillness is not something that comes naturally to me. I have to conjure it purposefully. I have been making myself find stillness in meditation, though not often or long enough. Funny, how stillness showed up on my to-do list….

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