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I love the camera in my phone just as much as I like my big cameras. In fact, I may even like it more on many days. It’s the camera I always have on me, the one I reach out for first when I see a good photo op, and the one that tells me if what I am going to shoot is worth going back to get my other cameras.

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However, just because it’s the camera in my mobile device doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention to composition. In fact, I am very picky about what I shoot with my phone and I am especially particular about composing my phone photos. Here’s a list of a three things I usually take into account when I am taking a photo with my mobile device.


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  1. I look at my background. Do I see people that might get in the way of what I want to shoot? Is the background cluttered? Do I want it as part of my shot or do I want to focus on my subject? I always try control my background by changing positions, waiting for people and cars to get out of the way or, very often, I make it part of my story! 
  2. I keep it simple. It’s probable that if something caught my eye it was because it was in focus and set apart from everything else I see on a daily basis. I try to capture it the way it it caught my attention. image (1)
  3. I get creative with my colors, patterns, and points of view! If I want to take a photo of my child, I purposefully might look for a place that has a colorful background or a window with pretty light and/or interesting shadows. Sometimes I get down on the floor to my subject’s level or get on a chair and shoot from above! I try to be imaginative: I turn my phone, crop, step back, move closer… The possibilities are endless!   

How do you you compose your mobile photos? Share your tips with us on Instagram and be sure to tag them #viewfindersio! – Maite

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  1. Your images are magical! And these are great tips. The other thing I consider is the crop — rectangle or square? Some scenes play better with a particular crop, so I experiment with this before shooting if I have that luxury. Love my iPhone camera!

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